40 Single Parent Tips for 2015 and Beyond

Single Parent Tips

I reached out and asked for the best single parent tips. I received way more than I could fit in this post. I would like to share some of these tips with you.

Some you've heard of, others might make you feel like we’re crazy. We’re not crazy. We have been there and just want to share what we've learned. So enjoy this list.

Single Parents Tips for Stress

Treat Yourself- This can be very hard for some to do. You’re a single parent. That’s a very difficult job I know. It’s very easy to forget you. So to get a planned treat just for you. It can be something small, don’t feel guilty about it.

Quiet time- This includes no TV, cellphone, etc. This is time for you with yourself.  I think of it in terms of letting your thoughts unwind. So close your eyes and just be. Ten to fifteen minutes should be enough if you can do it for that long.

Laugh- Almost just as hard as quiet time. Think about it. When was the last time you good laugh? What you don't think this is a good single parent tip. Cut it out. Watch a funny movie, or just look in the mirror and smile. This definitely helps stress.

Breathe- Yes breathing is far more important than we understand. What’s the first and last thing you’ll ever do? You guessed it, take a breath. On a deeper level, when you become aware of your breath, it takes you away from your thoughts. Parents that do yoga know this. I’ll share one with you.

You can learn pranayama and some other stress relieving breathing techniques.  

Let Go of Guilt- Your child has many wants and needs. The older they get, the more it multiplies. You’re not going to be able to fulfill them all. So don’t let your child hold you emotionally hostage. I hear it all the time; I want them to have everything I didn’t.

Okay, then what? I’m pretty sure the amount of things you can get them  doesn’t equate to being a good parent.  Don’t feel guilty about what you can’t do, and focus more on what you can.

Single Parent Tips for Communicating with Kids

  1. This one is obvious. Make time to talk with your children.
  2. Have an open door policy. Your child should feel okay with telling you anything.
  3. Ask open-ended questions to help foster an ability to think critically.
  4. Don’t judge. This will make children feel as if they can’t come to you for advice.
  5. YELLING IS NOT COOL! Reading that sentence in that format should be enough.
  6. If you have more than one child, group chats can be a great way to grow closer.
  7. Never assume your child understands make sure that they do.
  8. Talk to kids as you would any adult. This helps with vocabulary and maturity.
  9. Don’t talk down to kids. Lowers self esteem, and it’s just not cool.
  10. Listen to your child. Some of the funniest and best conversations I've had have been with children.

Single Parent Tips for Child Development

Be Open to Other Parenting Methods- Try to keep an open mind throughout the day. The way you know might not be best for every situation.

Also, some of your ways might actually be things learned from your parents. Which is great. However, it might not be practical. 

Don’t Fall for the Hype- Getting advice is a great thing especially for single parents. However, don’t be too trusting as to not research advice for yourself. If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

Be Genuine- If you think your child has a sixth sense maybe you’re on to something. Younger children rely more on senses and feelings as opposed to logical reasoning.

Simply put, they almost always know instinctively when someone is being fake.

Allow Mistakes- Our primary roles can be defined as being caretakers. Not just disciplinarians. The children will undoubtedly put themselves in harms way a lot.

Some mistakes are unavoidable. Allow yours to learn from these as you have and will continue to do. 

Have Fun- Get your kids off that PlayStation and others devices go outside and get dirty with them. They need the sunlight and you do to. This can serve them later in life when dealing with stress.

Some kids have a need to go outside and be destructive. Besides, a little sunlight is not a bad thing.

Leading- “Because I said so.” I hated hearing those words as a child. It never made any sense. Children mimic behavior. Especially your behavior, so words don’t mean as much sometimes.

Leading by actions over words is the best policy. I let my children lead sometimes. Something as simple as leading me to the car out of stores can go a long way into adulthood.

Freedom of Expression-Every wonder why children scream when they’re mad or laugh just as loud when happy? It’s called being whole. They haven’t yet learned how to control or hide feelings.

So they all the way with it. So it's  letting a child be a child. Maybe not in public, but that’s another story.

Equality- Make sure as a single parent your kids are separate but equal. Identify their personalities early. You shouldn’t judge one by what the other is doing.

Some parents might over compensate for one child that’s perceived to be weaker in an area the other one isn’t.  So the other sibling might feel neglected even though it’s unintentional. Spread the love!

Single Parent Tips for Finance 

Single parent tips for healthy eatingEat Healthy

Make More Money: Yes you should make more money. There are numerous ways to achieve this. 

Food: Try to cook as much as you can. Also, take lunch to work. This can       amount into $200 monthly savings.

Shopping: Shop online for savings often. Ebay is a go to destination for online savings.

Traveling: Keep your tires inflated at proper pressure. Get your engine tuned. This can save you money on gas annually.

Coins: Save loose change for a year. This will help you to build an emergency fund. Maybe half on a fund of $450 fund.

Insurance: Ask about discounts when renewing coverage. Trust me, the insurance company will not tell you if you qualify for any.

Single Parent Tips for Healthy Kids

  1. Be proactive and try your best to stop illnesses before they occur.
  2. Have a good relationship with your pediatrician. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Allergies can be fatal. If your child has any, wouldn’t be a bad idea to get identification shirts or wristlets.
  4. Baking over frying is a great for both children and adults. Start implementing when you can.
  5. Many kids don’t like veggies. So what. Make it fun and lead by example on this one.
  6. Playing outside is not as bad as it seems. Vitamin D is given by sunlight, and it helps with balancing moods.
  7. If your child is into video games, they should take interval breaks and not play for hours in one sitting.
  8. Water is good for all humans. If the body is comprised of more water than anything else, you need it. It’s that simple
  9. Have a walk with your kids. They might run some but that’s okay. Walking and talking always makes me feel better.
  10. Many parents don’t know that antibacterial soaps can do more harm than good. Any antibiotics should be taken only when needed.
Single Parent TipsTech Tips

Single Parent Tips on Tech

  • The interent isn’t always a safe place. Be aware of what’s going on, especially if you have teens.
  • Don’t overdue it with devices. If you have a 5-yr old, do they really need an iPod.
  • Connect with educational institutions. This is a great way to be active in your child’s education.
  • Follow websites your child visits. You can also install software to do it. It’s not spying when it’s about child safety.
  • Don’t discourage the use of tech. Prepare your children for the world they will be living in. They won’t be living in the one that's going on now.

Do you Have any Single Parent Tips to Add to the Conversation

Well I hope you enjoyed the the list. I know everyone has their own way of doing things. These are tips that I've learned and gotten from other single parents throughout the years. 

Please feel free to share or discuss some your single parent tips down below in the comment section. I will surely add or delete as I see fit.