Single Parent Alert: The Good, Bad, and Outright Truth Concerning Online Dating

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For a single parent online dating can be fun or hellish, depending on how well you can navigate the territory.

After reading my article about online dating for single parents, you might be ready to see what the hype is all about.

You may have been like me and not really sure where to start. You do a search for dating sites for single parents and click on the first one that catches your eye.

I’m going to steer you in the right direction. I’ll explain how a couple of big companies dominate the market by having numerous online dating sites, and what this means to single parents just looking for companionship.

Single Parent Online Review Sites

When you initiate a search online to get honest information about dating sites, that info might not be so honest.

Understand that even the review websites have an agenda. They make money by rating one site over all the others.

So you should look in the comment sections to get the real info from people telling you their experience about the site that’s getting reviewed.

Before we get into all the different websites, just know that only a couple of single parents dating online sites exist.

This doesn’t mean that the other sites don’t do well. I’m just saying you don’t have to be limited to just single parent online dating websites.

Large Corporations

There’s nothing wrong with being a large corporation that many different dating websites.

However, the problem is they’ll put profits over people at some point. This means cookie-cutter, generic websites that all work and feel the same.

I list some of the mains ones so you can start to know what to look for out there.

More choices exist than these, luckily for you, you can find them right here on this page.

People Media

People Media is an online dating industry juggernaut. Be that as it may, there are some drawbacks to using their websites.

Many of these sites have the same look and feel just with different names. So beware of that. The good thing is they work the same.

For instance, if you start a membership and then hit the cancel, they’ll offer you a discounted price to stay.

So do this as quickly as you can to enjoy the savings as early as possible. Here are the sites that fall under People Media that I know about.

single parent dating onlinesame page different names





  1. This is what I’ve noticed based on my experience using one of the sites:
  2. It’s difficult to meet a lot of different people from your area.
  3. When you’re not a paying subscriber profile hits go up to lure you in.
  4. It’s better to join for a couple of months then get off, then join again.
  5. Some of the same people are on free services like tango and tagged.
  6. I did get go out on some dates but didn’t get any diversity.
  7. Just reading some stuff on a person profile for an intro is really lame.’s answer to eHarmony I suppose. Yes, the same Match that’s owned by People Media, confusing I know, but Match is also an LLC under People Media.

Chemistry is really expensive, around $40-50 monthly. I’m assuming their comprehensive personality match test justifies the higher prices.

Only problem is, there might not be many people joining based on the cost. Diversity is probably lacking because these kinds of sites with personality tests don’t give everyone access.

Maybe that’s a good thing also. Depends on what you’re looking for. It might or might not work for you.

Sparks Network

single parents dating online

This company owns religious-based dating sites. While they might not exactly be religious company, many people have good religion-based experiences with their websites.


As you can see, mostly all are religious-based websites. They do have a good pool of people, so you have a fair chance of meeting someone you like.

I think Christian Mingle had over 9 million people at some point. So yeah, you should be able to meet a couple of potential matches. 

I wouldn’t touch or even waste time visiting the other sites though. From the people I’ve talked to, they all suck. Be careful with the ones that end with singles.

Free Dating Sites

For single parents dating online free is always a lure. While there are some great free sites, many advertisers understand what free does to the human psyche, so they use this as a ploy to get you to click. 

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish to be the leading free online dating site. They very well could be. As with most of these free types, you have to pay for upgrades.

Many of my friends, me included, have used this site and some still do. You will definitely meet someone.

Now finding that perfect somebody that’s a different story. I think one can do well on here with a little work and an open mind.  


It’s totally free to get on. They use a math thingy (algorithm) to match people up. You have to be honest on the quizzes to get the best match.

The quizzes don’t take a long time to finish though. If you want to unlock certain features this is where you’ll have to pay.

It costs around $69.99/12 months, USD to activate the features. The features include, being able to see who viewed your profile, letting it be known you’re available to go on a date right now and more.

I take this to be a viable option.

Other Online Dating Sites

There's a great big ocean of dating websites. I'm talking thousands. What you don't wanna do is get lost at sea, so to speak. So I've identified some solid websites to give you a good start. Especially, if the aforementioned hasn't helped you out yet.

One seems to cater to a single parent dating online, but that's not the case. I had to list it, to give you fair warning.


Single parents dating online should not be fooled by names. I’ve only heard bad things about this website. Some of which are discerning. The name will throw you off. Men outnumber women 2-1.

Many women say that quality men are hard to find. Enter this site at your own risk, you’ve been warned!

This might be so because CupidPLC owns it. This company is has many dating sites outside country.

They might not understand how to market to single parents dating online in the U.S.


single parent online datingHowaboutwe

I checked it out somewhat, but I didn’t join. However, single roots has this to say.

Howaboutwe is relatively new to the online dating scene. Not only is it unique in its approach of allowing members to post date ideas in order to attract other interested parties, but it also has another element to the site for couples where they offer date ideas and packages.

At this time, the couple’s element is only offered in New York City and San Francisco, but that’s not what we’re reviewing anyway”.

I would join this site if I had the time and wasn’t working on my own websites. Just being honest. I like the look, feel, and approach of this online dating platform. is not the best online dating website, but it is a top contender. This one has big enough subscriber base to make it one to try out.

However, it’s not prolific in its approach. More of the same as for as usability is concerned.

Also, I don’t like the price as I’m used to paying no more than $15 bucks for bill monthly plan. To get it done to $10 monthly you have to pay for a whole year up front.

Don't Waste Your Resources 

This section is dedicated to websites that don’t even deserve to have a brief overview. For single parent online dating your time and money is still just as precious as if you were dating in the traditional fashion.

So these get the honorable mention of being the worst online dating sites ever, possibly even scams.

  2. Zoosk

You’ve been warned. Now if you want to live life on the edge and just say the hell with it, go ahead. I tried to stop you already.

Besides, aren’t you being edgy enough by just dating online.

For a Single Parent Online Dating Just Have Fun

No matter if you’re a single parent dating online or not, don’t forget to have fun. It’s so easy to caught up in reaching objectives, we sometimes forget to live in the moment.

I try to have fun with it. I’m always surprised at the diversity and different types of peoples out there.

Sometimes it’s not even about dating. I’ve met cool people on the internet. So don’t knock it till you try it.