Have you Tried These Single Parent Date Ideas?

Single Parent DateNature Dates

I’ve come up with some great single parent date ideas. It doesn’t matter though if you don’t try one.

If you start out with movies and a dinner, why would your dating life be fun and exciting later? It’s probably not going to be.

It’s probably gonna be the same situation you promised yourself you wouldn’t end up in. You know like going to same restaurant every Sunday like your parents.

You don’t have to do what everybody else does just because they do it. For some reason unbeknownst to me, we never question the norm. We fall in line and tell ourselves later I’m going to do something different, something exciting.

Later never comes. So let’s make later right now and pick one thing out of this single parent date list and roll with it. 


Doing outdoor activities can make for good, affordable dating experiences. Yes, nature is fun for all you tech junkies, get out the house. You can bring tech with you.

A single parent date is usually spent inside some building talking to some stranger trying to get to know that person. Take it outside.

Horseback Riding

For fun I typed horseback riding in New York on Bing. Sure enough, it popped up. I’m in the south so I see horses riding along with cars sometimes.

If they got it in New York, you shouldn’t have any excuses. Try it, might be scary but it’s fun once you get the gist of it.


Well we know about parks of course. They’re great not just for walking around on a trail either. Take it a step further

I went on Bing and search for National Parks near my city. It’s one really close and they even had a website that lists activities.

I’m sure there’s a National Park close to where you’re at, and it’s probably way cooler than the one close to me. Go have fun. 

River Walks

If the small town I live in has one, I’m sure you have access to one. If you don’t there is a river and some point. If you’re like me, the water calms my mind.

So get away from all the city noises and listen to the sound of the river flowing. Having access to a person with a relaxed mind, will surely reveal more about them than being in surroundings that keep their mind active and in its usual pattern.

Boat Rides/Boat Clubs

If there’s a river, boats are around too. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to enjoy a majestic boat ride along some of these rivers.

You don’t have to own a boat to have fun at these places. There’s a spot in Dallas, Texas called Sneaky Pete’s that I  had the chance to hit up a couple of times.

I managed to see Mark Cuban and some others things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Like a really big yacht on New Year’s.


This has gained popularity in recent years. It’s sure to get you out of your comfort zone. You might have to travel to the outskirts of the city, but so what, go for it.


If you must eat it doesn’t have to be contemporary. Unless of course, you love your comfort zone. Which isn’t a bad thing, but just might be for a single parent date idea.

Let’s face it, you’ve become the boring parent you said you would never become. Too late, you are, now lets change it some.

PIY Farms

PIY just means “pick it yourself.” Some spots provide you the opportunity to pick your own food.

It’s definitely different, and that alone should be the only reason you should try it. This is a great way to get some fresh air, eat healthy, and get to know someone all at the same time. You can check to see if they have farms in your area.

Dinner hopping

This is just what it sounds like. Spice it up; go to three different spots for a three-course meal. I promise it’s more fun to do this than the regular way.

You ever bar hop for New Year’s-there’s another Single parent date idea. If you have, this is just as fun.

Go to a Local Staple

If you have to do dinner and a movie, try to make sure the eatery is a legendary spot in the region you’re in.

So many people here go to places like TGIF and Olive garden when the best spots with the best food have the name of the person who created it in front.

Fitness Dates

I left gyms off this section. I mean everyone knows gyms stay off 24/7 these days. I don't know if a gym is the best place for a date though.

Maybe if it weren't so many thirsty dudes and women checking out everything they see. It' just gets annoying sometimes, that's all.


I mean outside of getting fit, who doesn’t want to see their date in compromising positions in tighter than normal clothing?

Sign up and have some fun but don't hurt yourself trying to showoff. Yoga can get just as intense as any other regimem. 

Rock Climbing

You can go for the indoor version if you’re scared of the outdoors. This is the one activity I couldn’t locate in my area.

Bomber, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it where you’re from.


When I was booking a trip to San Diego one of the activities was for a vacationer to do was rent a bike and ride along the coastline.

This looked way better than going to the shopping district.  You can really get involved in a date like this.

You can talk while riding or sit down and rest still talking and probably get some good pics while doing so. If you have a blog like me good original pics are important.

Short Getaways/Daytrips

If you take someone on a short day trip, you’ll unmistakably find out if you’re compatible or not. It’s just that simple.

I’ve had some of the most exciting times with these types of dates. On the flip side, I’ve certainly had my share of forgettable extended dates. So be careful…..


Luckily, five major cities are a short distance from me. I chose Dallas and went to the movies.

Not just any movies, you know the one that has the big, soft seats and you can order food and drinks.

That way, we could still talk and find out about each other.

Local Festivals

Here in Louisiana there are all kinds of festivals. I’m sure you’ve heard of some, Mardi Gras, Essence Festival, Jazz Festival.

There are so many we just say “fest” instead of the full word. Every state has something it’s known for, and there should be a festival that goes along with it. Ask around your town and you’ll find one.


This single parent date idea is a risky one to pull off. Some planning and preparation needs to be done in most cases.

Before I seen that movie with Jim Carey saying yes to everything, I already pulled this off. It was cool to see him pick a random place and just fly there though.

We have a small airport but they do offer straight flights to cool places to have a date like Vegas. This also makes the flights very affordable.

Now the scheduling might be hard for some of you.Check your region’s airport website and see if they have any of these flights.

Artsy Dates

I mean the culture & art single parent date ideas can be mundane or fun depending on how it’s done. I’ll start with the most boring one first.


Because everyone just loves a good museum right? Probably not, but you can see if your library has day passes. You can check them out just like a book.

If so, try it out. You might like it. You might love history and just don’t know it yet. I mean you can’t beat free.

Painting with a twist

Get twisted and paint a masterpiece. Painting with a twist is gaining traction. I discovered it while I was researching franchise opportunities a while back. 

I thought it was a good model then, and after attending a session I thinks it’s great now. There’s just something about alcohol and paint that puts people at ease.

Make Pottery

Make a competition out of it. See who can make the best bowl or vase. We have it here locally, so I know it’s something that can get accomplished in virtually any area.

Get dirty, take pictures, piss off your social media friends with all the fun you’re having. If you’re into keeping score like that. 

Date with Kids

Single Parent DateLooks Awesome

If you both have kids and can’t find a babysitter, or just want to take the kids then there are options for you also.

These single parent date ideas might not be for adults who take themselves seriously and can’t let loose.

Air U

Kids and adults can have a grand time at a place like this. Adults might even have more fun than the kids.

You can play dodge ball, master those backward flips you couldn’t as a child, or just get some exercise. It should be something like this close to your area.

Skating Park

No lie, the skating park date I had was awesome. I remember it like it was yesterday. The only thing it was close to midnight and not a kid in sight.

It gave me an idea to try it with the kids though. It wasn’t as fun, but still fun. That was one of my all time best dates ever, so it’s hard for another to live up to it.


Music and dancing can really be the best single parent date ideas. Maybe not for guys however. Open up dudes it’s not as bad as you think.

You have to look at the silver lining with dates like this. The woman will think highly of your balanced approach.


I know the single parent fathers cringe at this idea, but you shouldn’t. The most important part is you can break the touch barrier without it being awkward.

The price as pretty kosher as well, $8 for class $25/hour for private lessons at  a local place here called Sandy's, I would choose private. Just makes sense.

If I can find something like this in Small-town, America, pretty sure you can too if you really want to do something different. Tons of Fun!

Live Performances

Well, here in we have about five casinos. These places always have bands and the like. Some restaurants in our town also feature bands.

They also have concerts, usually for legendary entertainers for like Bruce Springsteen and Pattie Labelle.

Single Parent DatePerformance at Local Casino

Spoken Word

This is a great single parent date idea because again, it breaks up the pattern of the mind.

Listening to artists speak their truths can lower the guards we all build up over time. It’s can allow for deeper conversations than your favorite reality show.

This is what it’s all about right? Getting to know someone on an intimate level pass the surface image we project. Poetry can be a catalyst that makes this happen.

Your Single Parent Date Ideas

Would love to hear from YOU. Do you have an awesome dating idea or dating story that we would love to hear about.

I think you do. I think you're holding back and you would love to share it. In fact you can even make the website. More on that later. In the meantime, please feel free to share in the comments.