Have you Tried These Single Mother Resources?

single mother resourcesDo the research

So we have put together online single mother resources for you because you’re not alone. We all need help at some point. 

Single parents should not feel embarrassed about getting help with rent and bills.

I’ve yet to meet a person on the planet that hasn’t needed help at some point.

I’m also listing some good ole fashioned advice because it’s hard to think clearly when things aren’t going right.

Have you done these things first?

Ask Friends and Family

A close friend told me once, “If you know someone needs help, don’t make them ask for it.”  Unfortunately, everybody doesn’t take on her views. Money can put a strain on any relationship so be careful.

If you don’t know when you’ll be able to pay them back, just say so. Either they will help out, or they won’t. I always tell my family and friends don’t give me a payback date, but it’s good to get it in writing sometimes.

Getting a loan?

I would avoid getting a loan at all costs. It seems counter-intuitive to get in debt to pay debt. Ask family and friends first. If you must check out this info about loans first. You want to get the best terms possible. 

I would use borrowing as the last means to pay off anything. However, borrowing money for food makes sense. There are other single mother resources you can engage instead of this. 

Selling Items

This can be a good strategy if you just lost your job or you’re not making as much as you used to make. 

You probably have clothing items or electronics that you can do without or didn’t even need at all. Check the prices on eBay and see the worth of these items. You might be surprised at the resell value. 

Speak with Debtors

This can give you time to come up with a better plan. If you contact your landlord and other debtors before it’s a problem, they’ll be more inclined to work with you.

Many people use avoid tactics or wait until the problem becomes out of hand. Not a good strategy to use with any financial obligation. Reach out and at the very least buys you some time to get help from the organizations listed below.

Online Single Mother Resources


One of, if not the best web directories to find help on the entire internet, type in your city and zip code, then it lists charities and non-profits in your area.

Has a review system so you can read the experiences people have dealing with the particular organization.

Not just to get help either. You can sign up to volunteer or donate also.


This website is dedicated to helping everyday people pay medical bills.You create a fundraiser and then share the page with friends and family.

You can add team members to help you spread the world also.It’s really a crowd-funding website that assists people.I must say, I’m really impressed with this website.


Offers low-interest loans, financial education, and support to working families with challenging credit histories.

It’s an alternative to high interest predatory loans, has offices throughout the U.S Assists with helping families to get and stay off welfare.

I like the mission of this org because predatory finance companies are rampant.


This is just as it sounds. You call the 211 and get assistance.Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more.

All calls are confidential. You can look up information by state on the website also. This is truly one of the single mother resources that gets the job done with just a phone call. Go ahead and make the call what are you waiting on. 


One of the great single mother resources out there. It provides grants to individuals that are in need of short-term hand-up. You don’t have to pay the grants back.

They don’t give out cash directly. They make payments directly to a vendor or service.

They will help with certain bills, you need to visit the site to see what kind and if you qualify.

Company relies on donors and doesn’t get funds from any government institution at any level.


This is a directory website that lists rent assistance and government organizations. Also list non-profits and charities that offer rent assistance.

The right side of webpage has list by state and shows the number of orgs listed in that state

Rent assistance doesn’t officially represent any listed organization. They don’t provide any funds directly. It's an easy to navigate the website.


Website gives information to get help with different types of bills, not just rent.

Lists information about debt counseling and has advice about student loans.

Has a section to get help with personal loans, which I would stay away from.

Overall website has really great information, just do some digging around.


I have never seen better single mother resources when it comes to quality food. They offer affordable, pre-packaged, high quality food boxes. Parents can use EBT card at locations through the U.S

You can order online but it has time limitations. You would need to place order early. This is a good way to save money on food. I love what they are doing.

Phone number listed is (877) 818-1778


  • You don’t have to be a single parent to get help.
  • Helps you with finding a food bank in your specific area.
  • You can apply for SNAP (food stamps) through a link on the website
  • People can also donate directly through the website.

Get Involved

I’m really happy to provide solid single mother resources so you get help. However, I’m positive it’s other services that I have overlooked. So don’t be afraid to drop suggestions in the comments. I will gladly check those out and add to the list.

I’ve noticed on other websites people ask for help in the comments. You can certainly do that also. I do think you would be better served by going to the organizations provided as they are already suited to get you the assistance you need.