Single Mother Dating Alert: Do you Make These Dating Mistakes?

Single Mother Dating

If you’re a single mother dating again and haven’t done this in a minute, feel rejoiced.

Why? You get to read this article and not make mistakes that turn well to do guys off.

There are some things we do that we don't think could ever possibly annoy another human being.

However, I've pointed out some things in my own life I had to become aware of and I'm sharing so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. 

Is not Turning Off your Phone a Major Turn Off?

When you’re a single mom your phone can be your best friend. The babysitter, the school, even the kids expect you to answer. However, when you’re a single mother dating you should keep your phone at bay.

It’s inconsiderate and just rude to continuously check your phone while out on a date. Unless it’s a real emergency it can wait. You don’t want the person guessing about whether or not you’re into him.

He might not call you back.  Guys are sensitive believe it or not. Also, phones are one of the nastiest things you put in your hands. Not a good idea to handle it on dinner date.

Are you Dating Just Him Hoping to Hit the Love Lotto?

So you haven’t dated in a while. You’re excited about getting out. You know what? The person you go out with first will pick up on this. In other words you’re easy pickings at this point. If that's his aim of course. 

He’ll most likely tell you all the things you want to hear. So why would you date one person and hope to win the romantic jackpot. I’ll let you in on a secret. That one guy you’re dating is probably dating another person.

He doesn’t want to limit his options. So why should you?

Think about it… It’s so easy to get caught up with a person you might not be suited for long term. If you are looking for a future husband, take your time, more on this later.

Are you Caught Up in Kiddy Kamp? 

Have you dedicated the last five years  or so to raising your children? Great, I commend you.  There's some things you might want to know before going out on a date. 

You might want to spend some time with adults before your first date. This may seem baseless, but I can assure you it will help things go smoothly.

Some mothers talk like they’re talking to kids and this can be annoying.

What if you have to call the babysitter constantly? Can your children adapt to a shake-up in their everyday routine? These are questions you want answered well before that first date single mom. 

As a single mother dating, it’s easier than you might think to forget how to chill out and have a good time going out.

You haven’t done it in a minute. You might be rusty. There is no shame in getting advice from your friends or even practicing.

What Does Your Talking Reveal?

Please don’t forget how men are. They’re very clever and adaptable when it comes to getting want they want.

So if you’re on that first date and you tell him everything you want in a man, he will go chameleon on you and become that rather quickly.

Anybody can morph into an entire different person for a solid three months. So rather than giving him a blueprint let him find out over time.

The quicker you both show who you really are, the less time has to be wasted in the future.

Have you Communicated Your Dating to Your Ex?

You’re a single mother dating again for the first time in forever, you didn’t become a mother by yourself.

Have you communicated with your ex about what you will be doing? Does he have reservations? Will he be jealous.

You'll be surprised at how his actions might change if this is your first time dating since y'all broke up. 

Let’s face it. When a single mother dates again she might catch some backlash. Tell him to get over himself and live your life. You only get one.

Not over Yourself

What does this mean? I’m not concerned about the ex; I’m concerned about you.

Before you start the process of dating be honest with yourself. Are you really over your last situation?

Have you forgiven yourself for whatever took place? I know how easy it is to blame the other person.

However, if you can’t be honest about your role, then you’re probably going to repeat the same thing in any new beginnings.

No one can answer these questions for you. You know your feelings better than anyone.

We all lie on the outside, but our insides won’t let the lying get in the way of growth. Trust me, it will resurface eventually. So deal with it right now. 

Some Guys Aren't on Social Media

Yeah I know you’re into the whole social media thing. You’re excited your single mother dating crew is excited.

In fact, it’s so exciting you want to share live updates as the date goes on.

Please, get over yourself, live in the moment and soak it all up. They say it all the time in sports, “Act like you’ve been there before.”

Have you ever looked at the people that do selfies in public? Don’t they look lame most of the time?I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but the updates can wait.

Single Mother Dating Additions 

The single mother dating game is full of unique stories. Some are good some are bad. I bet through it all you've learned something from your experience. 

I have and it's all worth it. Some believe that if it didn't end with some goal (marriage) it was wasted time. I don't think any part of my life was wasted time. 

Enough of what I think. What about you? Do you have any unique single mother dating stories that can teach us something? Or simply make us laugh.  I bet you do.