Single Moms Dating Advice-Do you secretly Sabotage Your Love Life?

Single Moms Dating AdviceMy Dating Advice Crew

It’s hard for me to give single moms dating advice. It’s hard for me to give advice to anyone.

I never believe people would want to hear from me.

You feel like that too sometimes don’t you? It’s either too dramatic or not shallow enough.

We live in watered-down times. It’s hard to go deep. Everyone wants to swallow a magic bean and not put in the work.

Well, the hell with it. This is my truth that I share with you. This is based off my life experiences. If you get something from then it’s worth it. If not, well I tried.

Look out moms, this is a male’s perspective, but one that turns the mirror to himself. 

1. Do you Love Yourself Enough?

This is exactly how it sounds. I want you to do a mental exercise. Pick a day and count how many negative versus positive things you think about yourself. 

Do the negatives thoughts about yourself and your situations outweigh the positive thoughts? If so, you have some work to do.

Who wants to date a person that can’t even be positive about their own life, their own outlook. I wouldn’t want too, and I wouldn’t expect anybody to look forward to dating me either.

You can have the absolute worst things going on in your life but still be a cool person to hang out with.

2. Can't Move Pass Your Past

I can’t stress this enough. It’s so easy to base everything off the past. This works great for math problems, not so great with love and dating.

We don’t like to hear about how we remind you of a guy from the past. We don’t care how your exes treated you even if you say we treat you better. We just don’t care.

All it does is remind us that we can be the past and puts us on edge. Or it just reminds us of how you’re really not over your past good or bad.

Get a grip. We care about you, not about those skeletons. So yeah, please keep them in the closet.

3. Do you expect a positive Outcome or Nah?

Not a single one of your relationships has worked out the way you thought it should right?. This is obvious because you wouldn’t be dating right now. Duh. Who cares? You do.

I think women blame themselves more for a failed relationship than men, especially a marriage.

You might have possibly brainwashed yourself into thinking that it will never work out for you. Guess what?

If you believe this or any other of those self-fed negative thoughts it’s going to happen.

He could literally be prince charming but he can’t beat out want you really believe about yourself.

No matter how happy you are dating and spending time with a new guy in your life, it will undoubtedly fail.

Simply because you expect it too, no other reasons necessary 

4. Can you Honestly See the Patterns of Your Romantic Situations?

If you’ve read this far, I think you’re going to be better with dating and love. Why? Because every reason I’ve listed intimately connect to each other.

Maybe you don’t love yourself enough because of past conditioning and you haven’t been able to let go of the past.

This past you carry will eventually make every dating situation negative because at some point your past relationships ended negatively.

Now if you only remembered the good stuff this could be different. However, we both know you don’t.

Now this is how the cycles connect to every reason listed so far. You have never changed.

How can you have a different outcome if you, yourself haven’t changed? Do you go with the flow of life, or fight life to try to fit your perception of would it should be? 

You constantly repeat the same cycles with your love and dating life as a because who you are right now attracts the same kind of men over and over again.

I wouldn’t believe me either because nobody likes the truth. So think about your relationships.

Not about the men in those relationships but how they began and ended. Can you see a pattern in the middle of the birth and death of your prior situations?

The one constant is you and that will always be so, regardless of the other person. Now is the time to change it and it starts and ends with you.

5. Have you Fallen into a Routine?

Is going bowling and to the movies really something you want to do. That ball starts to hurt my arm after the first game. Also, these are tough places for me to get to know you.

There are some more refreshing date ideas out there. We should at least try something differentThen maybe just maybe, we won’t later be that boring couple our parents turned into it.

Here's some single moms dating advice; your parents were actually cool at some point. Something happened that made them act like a song on repeat, this doesn’t have to be you.

6. Are you Moving to Fast in Your Own Mind?

I’m all for deep, meaningful relationships. On the second date though, I just want to have fun, you know what I'm saying? We know you’re sizing us up, seeing if we’re “keepers”. Personally, I don’t care about any of that right now.

I’ve been in really great, long-lasting relationships. For whatever reasons they didn’t work out. All of the really great ones didn’t even end on bad terms.

So let’s just enjoy each other right now. If we connect naturally then we’ll both know when it’s time for the heavy stuff.

Let your hair down and live a little ladies. The best dating advice for single moms I can give is this. You deserve to have fun and let loose, because being a single mother is the toughest job I know of.

Marriage could be a possibility, but for right now leave it at that, something that’s possible.

Besides, you might get married to me and totally not like it. It’s super easier to break up with a person than to divorce them. That' really the whole point of marriage if you think about it from another perspective. 

It's harder to just stop this kind of agreement, rather if you were dating without all the legal arrangements involved. Remember this one thing if nothing else. 

Laws protect laws, they can never protect love. So it's best to take your time and stop conjuring up future plans in your head, especially plans about another person who doesn't even know the plans yet.

Just ask one of your “legally separated” friends and they’ll probably tell you what you’re not missing out on.

7. Single Moms Dating Advice: How are You Sabotaging Your Love Life?

I’m not a dating/love guru. I just know what helped me when going through major life transitions.

In fact, if anybody says they are run away as fast as you can.I’m just giving single moms dating advice because my friend asked me too.

She’s a single mom and we talk about dating. Sometimes the advice I give helps her. However, this advice is based off my own experiences.

Guess what? They’re mine and not her own. Yes, I’m this direct in real life. I’ve been through it. 

I do know that I don’t have all the answers. I would love to hear from anybody that really understands what it means to cut your nose to spite your face.

Even if you don’t understand why your dating life might be stagnant, we still want to hear from you. Now don’t be shy.