Single Mom Parenting Alert: Get Help With Child-Care Assistance 

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One main concern for a single mom parenting is getting daycare assistance. By all accounts, the costs for child-care are rising.  Luckily there are ways to get the help you need and deserve. 

The government has programs that help single parents with child-care costs. There are some other options out there also. Let’s explore them together.

My Single Mom Parenting Story 

I’m a single mom parenting two two boys.I know firsthand how the rising cost of childcare can be overwhelming. 

I attended school and worked on a full time basis. I was paying $250 a week for my two small sons to attend daycare. 

Then daycare expenses continued to increase. Basically, my cash was spread all over the place. 

I struggled to pay the expensive child-care cost and had almost no money left over for food and rent. I felt completely helpless and I needed assistance.

I finally discovered a Child Care Assistance Program that provided financial assistance for affordable childcare services. 

With a hand-up from this program, I was allowed to continue my education, which in turn gave me the opportunity to provide and contribute to the overall wellbeing of my two sons.

Now, I want to share this information with you about this program that provided eligible single parents help with lower childcare. 

How to Qualify for Assistance

What is the Child Care Assistance Program and how do I qualify? Through the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), the federal government gives funds to each state to provide monthly vouchers for eligible single parents to offset the expensive cost of child-care.

The state sends the monthly payments directly to the child-care agency/provider.

What you need for Assistance 

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Each state has a set of requirements to determine eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program .

The application can be completed online or with a paper application.

When completing the application, expect to provide following information:

  • Household Composition (name and social security number for everyone living in the house)
  • Income from employment (proof of wages from work)
  • Children needing care (names and ages)
  • Name of individuals that are employed and/or attending school or job training
  • Other source of income (must show proof)

  • Child support
  • SSI-supplemental security income
  • Social security benefits
  • Alimony

Monthly Payments 

Monthly payments are determined on a sliding scale. The state and parent are both equally responsible for paying a portion of the child care costs. The monthly payments the parent and state are liable for can be determined by:

  1. Number of hours the parents work or attend school or training
  2. Amount charged by the child care provider
  3. Family size 
  4. Household income

Eligibility determination can vary from state to state. A list of child care resource and referral agencies can be found on Child Care Aware. Visit the CCA or call 1-800-424-2246 to locate your Child Care Assistance Program and/or agencies within you. 

Often, many single moms parenting kids don’t get help with daycare and make the hard decision to stop working and/or attending school.

Child care is one of the most expensive costs a single parent has and in some cases is more than a year of college tuition.  

Remember, there are federal funds set aside in each state to assist single parents with lower childcare costs.

I for one can truly say without the help of the Child Care Assistance Program I wouldn’t have made it through some difficult times.

What to do if You Don't Qualify for Assistance

So you make to much money to qualify for the state-sponsored assistance, according to them.Or you don’t qualify to get day-care assistance for another reason.

Don’t stress too much, a single mom parenting kids by herself  still has options outside of the government. You should just get a little more creative with your search for help. This website lets you arrange day-care with agencies are a baby sitters.

Now you might be able to negotiate a cheaper rate by talking with some sitters and telling them your story.  

After School Alliance-The Afterschool Alliance is working to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs.

You can check on the website to find an Aftershcool program near you. If not, maybe you can get together and start one. They offer that option as well. 

Community Organizations-You should be able to get help from the community around you. Asking others in the same situation as you is always a good approach. 

Some churches have child-care centers or offer help. Get on the phone and call some of them and get some answers. 

Single Mom Parenting Help

As with any good information provider, we know this list is not complete. There are so many organizations around the country doing good things for single parents. 

We will gladly update this information with any useful information you provide. We’re in this together.