Are you a Single Mom Dating & Struggling to Find Balance?

Single Mom Dating

It's hard for any family segment to find balance, let alone a single mom dating.

So many questions we have about the process. 

Should you tell the kids about him?

When is it good time for them to be introduced to each other?What should I wear on the first date?

Yeah, when the mind gets in the way the stresses can seem infinite. So some clarity is need right?

Or just relating with somebody that understands, someone that's been there before and won't judge you.

Well that's what we're offering up. Just some single parents discussing our personal affairs good or bad. We all know dating can get messy.

Hey, we knew the job would be hard before we took it. So I'm going to hit you  with a super cliche line, but one that's really how we feel. 

If this information helps one single mom dating then it's all worth it. 

Yes They Love to Date Single Moms

We explore why mature men love to date single moms. Now I'll admit, some men will never get it. Their lost! However, the special guys understand life.

  • After a certain age cutoff it's hard to meet women without kids
  • Life doesn't follow human rules but natural laws this includes reproduction
  • Kids aren't that bad, they actually are really cooler to hang around than some adults
  • Not having kids is overrated and perpetuated by a society that values efficiently over all.

Some men get it, my dear friend that wrote this article totally gets it. Engage him and let him know if he is really as understand as he thinks of himself. Be nice ladies!

Single Moms Dating Advice

Many single moms sabotage their own best interest when it comes to dating. Have you even considered this notion?

You can do what I like to call a self-analysis and use this as a method for catharsis.

I don't like using big words all the time, but we all need to go through a process of catharsis at some point in our lives.

Or else you will never move forward in the way you're supposed to. This definitely rings true for a single mom dating.

Have you been honest with yourself about what you really want from dating, about sex? 

There are questions about yourself that ultimately only you can answer. We examine some of these questions within the link above.

We don't want to, nor want you to go through the same cycles over and over. 

However, you can't break these cycles if you don't even know what it is you're supposed to be breaking.

Are you really ready to move forward with your dating life? I hope so. We want you to. 

Why Avoid Single Mothers?

There's a lot of bull-crap commentary circulating the web pertaining to a single mom dating. Everyone has an opinion and it's usually biased. 

Well, they can keep it. Why? Because we live it. I've shutdown so many opinionated people with just one question and it usually goes like this. 

That sounds great on paper, but is that YOUR experience. People like to talk and talk some more.

Did you know in some cultures you can't even talk about something unless you experienced it directly. Not here in the states. Well, here's mine my opinion. 

Dating Single Mothers Should Give the Internet a Try

A single mom dating doesn't have to be limited in seeking romance. Think about wait around for some strange guy to say hi.

We usually judge him based on his appearance and  his smile as he asking for our number. He calls and eventually we head out on a date. 

We date a couple of more times and somehow end up in a situation with a total stranger and expect it to workout longterm. If that sounds boring it might be because it is. 

I'm not saying online dating is the most exciting thing out there, but if used correctly it can be a great tool in an overall dating strategy. 

Do You Make These Single Mother Dating Mistakes?

If you're a single mom dating again for the first time in forever and a day, I'm sure you might be a tad bit rusty. Am I right? No biggie, we're here to help.

It's just some things you might miss that might not even seem important. You know what? They are, things like:

  1. Not talking about your kids the whole time
  2. Definitely don't wanna discuss financial problems
  3. You probably don't wanna check that phone too much
  4. Of course you shouldn't discuss other dates or your ex
  5. The date should be about you and the other person.

Seems obvious right? You would be surprised how a newly single mom dating can fall into these trappings. 

I know you wanna talk about the kids to another adult. Guess what? He's more interested in learning about you at this point.

You should be interested in making about you at this point. I'm assuming you're dating for you and not the kids huh? So give yourself a great approach to dating. 

What Every Single Mom Dating Should Never Forget

You should always remember who you're doing it for. So really, it should always be about having fun. 

If it's not about having fun and you have and objective...good luck with that. Not saying you might not get what you want, but what you want might come back to bite you in the butt. You never know. 

I think wherever you're at in your life, it should start and end with honesty. You should be honest with yourself first about your wants and needs.

If it affects the other person, then yeah be honest with them also. The quicker everything is out on the table, the better off everyone involved will be.

This is just my two cents. Do you have a quarter to add? Maybe just a dime? So what are you thinking right now?