Can We Really Trust A Free Single Parent Dating Site? 

Free Single Parent Dating Site

Trust is such an overused word. We see the ads all the time. Click here to join a free single parent dating site, or any dating site for that matter.

What does the word free really mean, especially on the internet?

I’m going to answer this question and more. I will also give you some dating sites that are useful and some you never heard of.

So just relax and enjoy the content. I’ve already done the hard part………….research.

What you should know


You might have heard me talk a lot about niches if you’ve visited this website before. It’s just a category within a category. Like, free single parent dating site is a niche in the online dating market.

So you definitely want to know the niche of the free website you’re signing up for.

Why-if you land on a free dating site that’s has an online speed dating niche; you’ll be in for surprise when you sign up. Some of the niches are probably not suitable for everyone.

User Base

You definitely wanna know what kind of user base a free site has. Some simply have more people to look at than others. This is what it’s all about finding the best person.

If not, they have plenty of hook-up sites on the web as well (good luck). Dating sites that have been around a long time like POF boast memberships in the millions.

Sites that have smaller members don’t outright suck, but just understand your chances at love might decrease.

A Free single parent dating site, strictly for single parents raising kids might actually attract a whole different type of crowd. It might have more men than women. So be careful and try to find out what categories of people hang out on these free sites.

Upgradable Features

Mostly all free single parent dating sites, or any free dating sites for that matter, have features you can unlock with cash of course.

Each free site will have different upgrades. Some are totally free, with nothing to purchase. I’ll cover some of the basic upgrades you can expect to see.

  • VIP Passes- They usually unlock features like access to see who viewed your profile, advertise you on some kind of list, and things of that nature.
  • Advertising- Free dating sites have to make money some kind of way. So yeah, expect ads. However, you can pay to have the ads removed if you want to do so.
  • Flirts- You can send winks, hearts, and even gifts on most of these websites. I guess the thinking is if a person pays to send me a flirt, then they really want my attention.

Read the Fine Print

All of these websites will have a fine print sections such as Terms of Use & Conditions. You might want to read some of them.

You will give up your ownership rights in form of your pictures and content you write on certain free sites.

Not all of the sites have legal talk like this in their fine print. However, I just thought it was something you should be mindful of.

What to Expect

A single parent dating online using free sites can come to expect many surprises.

I think for women using these sites you should definitely expect a casual feel.

These websites cater to the casual dating experience.

So if you know you’re stuck on getting married soon and/or having a long-term relationship, you might want to avoid some of the smaller websites, unless the sites are in a good niche.

OkCupid does okay and also some more of the larger free dating sites due okay as well.

You’re grown and if you want to date casually, I can’t judge you. Besides, being a single parent might have strengthened your resolve to remain independent.I’m all for that.

A Great Free Single Parent Dating Site

These represent the best free dating sites out there hands down. While there are many others you should probably start with these two.

You don’t want to waste time, money, or any other resource that’s important to you.

Plenty of Fish

POF as they like to call it, has been on the scene for quite some time. Their membership base is huge.

If you can’t find a compatible partner to at least go out with once, then just forget it.  Maybe you’re just too picky and need to date yourself to find out what you really want. 

Passion Networks

This is another totally free website, but in addition it’s a niche dating network. It has over 200 websites that you can be apart of by becoming a member of the network.

Passion networks also has sections that are separated by state. This can be a time-saving opportunity to meet someone close to you. I would definitely give this one a try before all the other sites. 

Dater Beware

There are many other free single parent dating sites out there. However, most of the reviews I read and time spent on those sites dictate to me that they’re not even worth mentioning.

With some of these free dating sites it takes patience. Which can end up being the best thing for you if you think about it.

Ever rush into something only to regret it later? Exactly my point. The good thing about dating online is that you’ll probably already have your guard up.