Alert! Free Grants for Single Mother Scams

Free Grant for Single Mother

One of the reasons I started this website was to help single mothers through the power of information. So discussing free grants for single mothers is no different I been there, matter of fact I’m still there.

Keeping it all together while turning two energetic little boys into productive young men is not easy. I undoubtedly do and will need all the help given to me.

Obtaining that help can be really easy if one maintains a positive attitude and knows where to look. Don't you think so?

Where you Really Should Go to Get Help

I’ve been scouring the high and low to provide you with results that work quickly. In this section I’m going to share with you what I believe are the best ways to go about getting the help you need.

Actively seek out help from organizations that are listed. The person with the website mainly just provides the info. Like with this free grants for single moms piece I got going.

Would it be a more effective use of your time to ask the messenger for help or to contact the nonprofits, charities, and other organizations that exist only to assist you?

Only you can answer that question. By all means drop a comment. I’ll provide you the best answer I can. Or, check the links I spent hours researching dedicated to provide you with the charities and other organizations I spoke of earlier.

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably are like Ty what the heck does this have to do free grants for single mothers? I’ll tell you.

The Irony of Free Grants for Single Mothers

There are all kinds of grants for single mothers and everyone else. I’ll admit, the title of the article is not ideal because all grants are…FREE. 

Business grants, school grants, and government grants are all free to apply for and receive.

The problem is everyone with any knowledge in this field knows this. Trust me, they know and they’re trying to cash-in on what they know about. More on this later.

You arrived here probably by way of google which means you really want to get a grant right? So what situation do you find yourself in that dictates you need money?

If you’re starting a business scan through this business grant article. If you need assistance with school we got you covered with that as well.

If you just need help fast trying to get a grant is probably not your best option. You do better reading through the help section of this website. 

Avoid These Free Grants Single Mothers Traps.

There are so many people trying to earn a quick buck and not put in the work on the internet and abroad.

I just want to share some things to be weary of when seeking out free grants for single moms. 

Free Grant Books

I would personally never purchase a book about grants for any subject unless it’s grant writing.

You can make some income writing grants for others. However, those books have the same information you can find on the internet.


I’m not going to say that the websites are scams, but you still have to be careful. You don’t want to waste time cycling through useless information about free grants for single mothers.

These sites just rehash some of the same stuff you probably already know and wil not have anything to do with grants.

For example, they’ll talk about housing assistance under an article about free grants. Totally not what you’re look for right?

Then you do have websites that are trying to get money from you. They’re easy to spot.

Most of them are poorly constructed and only have about two total pages and call that a website.

They always have some stupid title “Click here to Receive Secret Free Grants for Single Moms Now.” You know where I’m coming from. So just be careful.


Many times when you put your phone number into these scam free grants for single mothers websites, they’ll sell your information to other people.

In a couple of days you start getting phone calls and emails concerning the topic. Never give out important information about yourself over the phone to someone you don’t know.

This should be common sense, but some still think it’s cool to give out social security numbers over the phone to complete strangers, or even worse through an email.

Free Grants for Single Moms Overview

Just thought I should write about the other side of trying to get grant money. There's so much fluff and misinformation somebody has to be the voice of reason. 

As mention before I have identified resources that will go out of their way to ensure you can get financial relief. You can also subscribe to our newsletter located on the homepage to stay informed. 

In the future we'll have more information dedicated to helping you become financially independent opposed to being the one seeking help, you can and will become the person giving assistance to others.