Are There Really Free Cars for Single Moms?

Free Cars for Single Moms sounds like a dream right? However, there are programs and charities to help you that car, or through gracious financing terms.Ride off into the sunset

Free cars for single moms sounds like a dream right? However, there are programs and charities to help you get that car, or through providing gracious financing terms.

These organizations understand the need of peoples to have viable transportation to get to work and take care of their families.

Many websites will talk about the statistics. We don’t have to discuss the statistics regarding single parents. You’re a single parent and you’re living it right now.

That’s enough from me. Just understand that most, if not all of the available help to get you a free car; requires you to qualify in some form or fashion. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

This just means you should be more motivated to get transportation! The whole point of these charitable organizations is to get you to be self-sufficient.

So when you’re going through this process it’ll be best to have that frame of mind. Now lets get into how you can help yourself.

Why Keeping Your Eyes Open Will Pay Off

Free cars for single moms are hard to come by, but yes there are people giving away cars all the time or selling cars for pennies on the dollar. I just came across a running car for $300. The guy just had bought a new car and just wanted his old car gone.

Craigslist- you just won’t believe the stuff people post on here. Once in a while you might get lucky and catch somebody moving, not wanting to take an older car with them. If you talk to a person, you never know who is willing to help.

Social Media- I sign up for all the online garage sell groups I can on Facebook. People sell stuff all the time. Some people give away stuff too. I see cars getting sold within these group all of the time.

I see people asking for help getting a job, or for donations for certain situations. Guess what? People respond and are willing to help! So stop thinking negatively and understand that you’re not alone.

Print- Even though the internet is taking over, it will still be good for you to scan the printed classified ads. Many people just don’t trust the internet, so they still use the newspapers and weekly Thrifty-nickels to post advertising.

Think about it. You have estates sales and some senior citizens can’t drive anymore. This is the reason why you want to keep your eyes open, because you never know.

Programs That Can Provide Free Cars For Single Moms


Want to get free cars for single moms? Go to the website and fill out the application. It should only take a minute or two. Make sure you select 200 miles within the criteria to give yourself the best chance to find help.

The website will then list the closet programs to you that provide help with obtaining a car or financing. Then contact the organization of your choice and get help.


Go to the website and create a profile: Just explain why you are the most deserving candidate and why everyone should vote for you. Tell your story.

Generate votes and promote: Being active in the community on this website will give your page your profile a higher rank. So be active and be patient. This represents an outstanding community of people that have similar stories and support each other.


If you really want the help you deserve, you have to go and read this post. It's a lot of info, but they talk about single cars for single moms exclusively. 

By far the most comprehensive article on the entire internet concerning where a single parent can get help obtaining a car.

It lists hundreds of organization across the U.S that provides cars, car repairs, and car loans to single mothers and low-income families, and yeah free cars for single moms also. 

Many of these organizations don’t have websites, so you definitely have to go there and start compiling a contact list.

Miscellaneous Websites 

This goes along with keeping your eyes open. I know websites many people don't know about. I spend a lot of time on the web just surfing. So if anybody could uncover free cars for single moms, it should be me. 

These represent the opportunity to get a steal on some cars you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to get. 

Stay on the lookout for scam sites and only attempt to purchase after you've done the research. Websites that aren't listed with the Better Business Bureau are ones you should avoid at all costs. Government departments throughout the U.S sell cars through auction to the general public. Mostly government service vehicles from every department of state government you can think of. Check it out ASAP. can go to this website and look at the transportation section and they sell cheap cars from time to time. Also, just check with our local store branch and ask questions about what they do with donated cars.

People donate cars to goodwill all the time. Sometimes they sell them; sometimes they give the cars away depending on a person’s circumstances. So yes you can receive free cars for single moms checking out goodwill online from time to time. Yes you can find cheap cars on eBay. You can just about find anything on eBay. Go to the eBay motors section and search by price. There’s really nothing complicated about eBay.  You will need a paypal account. Some sellers will let you  make arrangements directly with them.

Warning- Beware of websites that claim to have salvage cars or dirt-cheap cars. The first thing you should do is see if the company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You can also do a search to see complaints against the company. If it’s to good to be true, then usually it is.