Financial Help for Single Mothers Online Guide

Let’s reasonably try and define financial help for single mothers. What do you need help with?

I’m asking because it can be an easy solution, or one that needs more attention.

Your situation will probably belong into two different categories. You make enough money and you need to save more, or you can’t possibly save enough without earning some extra cash.

You could be in the middle, you need to make more and save more. That’s cool too. We’re gonna provide the know-how, it’s up to you to make it happen for yourself. We know you can.  

We’re also going to cover budgeting and some loan solutions. So sit back and enjoy, it’s on us.

Jobs for Single Moms

Of course this is for the single mothers that need extra cash. This is perhaps the first idea most people think of. I need a second job.

This doesn’t have to necessarily mean a boring, bean-counting job. There are numerous paths that don’t involve the norm.

I know you’ve heard the phrase “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a job,” so why would you get a second job you’ll probably hate.

So yeah, definitely tap into your creativity and find a side job, hobby, or hustle that allows you to take advantage of your unique talent.

Let’s look at the numbers briefly. I take on small freelance writing gigs from time to time. Some gigs pay small, some pay decent.

If I write a piece and it takes four hours to research, write, and edit and I’ll get paid around $50 for doing so, I’ll take this job every time.

That’s a little over $10/hr and it’s something I like to do. Now of course as I get more known and better I can command more money per hour.

The best part is I enjoy writing, so I never really feel the hours flying by. I want you to have the same feeling and eventually, your own skills will become your main source of income.

Great Careers for Single Parents

Financial Help For Single MomsLet's Do Work

We didn’t feel right discussing financial help for single mothers and jobs for single moms, without scratching the surface for single fathers.

Careers are different from jobs of course. This is for single parents that actually need a career as a foundation. Maybe you want to put your education to use.

We provide a detailed overview of what you can expect when entering these career fields.

Single Mom on A Budget

The very first thing anyone needs to figure out is if they even need a budget or not. There’s no point in starting if you can’t keep to it.

It’s just like a diet. No different. Changes in your life need to take place, and you already know this. What are you going to do about it?

At the very least, get a budget worksheet and map out where your money goes every month, then you can work on the suggestions we offer.

Notice I said suggestions because that’s all they can be at best. Just friendly suggestions no rigid demands.

Again, have fun; it doesn’t have to be life or death as some make it out to be.

Money for Single Moms

There are all kinds of financial help for single mothers. Yes, some organizations exist to help moms get money.

Not in the sense that you are thinking however. Even in the event of a charitable donation to a single mom, you will have to give to receive.

This could be your time, attending classes, and many other self-help activities to get a person to be truly independent.

We take it a step further by exploring roads less traveled to help a single parent not only self-sufficient, but also financially free.

It’s doable and possible. Trust me, we’re living it right now. We’ll keep you updated on our progress best we can. It’s going to be epic!

Financial Help For Single Mothers-Get out the MazeGet Out The Maze

Single Mom Loans

There are many pitfalls to getting help when you need it most, and people take advantage of people when they’re desperate.

This is the just the honest truth. So get the help you need without obtaining a loan you’ll never be able to payback due to predatory interest rates.

Play it safe and do the research. Matter of fact; always do the research with whatever you do not just for loans. We’ve all seen the Montel Williams commercials.

I don’t trust him either. I’ve heard to many horror stories. So take your time and do business with a reputable company.

Home Loans for Single Mothers

It so many wrong things being passed off as true about home loans. I tell you, don’t believe the hype. Once again, do the research.

Or, you can scan through the research we’ve prepared for you. I know you don’t want to learn all that tough finance stuff, so let us help.

My business partner does have a financial background and I’m sure he’ll answer any questions you bring to the comment section.

You can also ask about finance stuff in general. If he doesn’t have an answer I’m sure he’ll point you in the right direction. 

Financial Help for Single Mothers

Financial help for single mothers can come in many forms and fashions. However, we believe it’s best that you help yourself first and foremost.

Not only is it vital to becoming a better person, but help tends to come to those who want it, and know what to do when they get it.

For instance, if I got $1,000 right now freely, I would take half and invest in my online work and save the rest. Plus I know exactly what I spend it on.

That’s not only helping but investing in myself also. I might take a small bit and take an online course to help improve my skillset. What would you do if you got that amount right now?

Don’t be afraid to click on the above links to learn more and also add to our website. After all, we made it for you.