Can Newly Dating Single Mothers Enjoy a Better Experience Online?

dating single mothers have more challenges as opposed to someone without kids. So we make the assumption that it might be easier and cooler to start out online. Do you agree?

I know dating single mothers can relate to this story of mine.

I spend countless hours getting ready for a date.

I plan the perfect outfit to creating flawless hair and make-up application!

In the words of Beyonce, “I look so good tonight”.

Yeah, I was flawless. Within the first minutes of the date, I’m thinking someone was going to jump from behind me and yell, “You’re on Hell Date.”

Then I think to myself, I did all this for nothing! As a single mother, free time is very precious and something I hardly ever have.

Just like money, I don’t like wasting time on pointless dates. This is when I realized the “old fashion” way of dating could use a revamp.

While there’s no perfect single mother dating site, I knew I should try it.

Have you tried dating online yet? Are you ready to switch up the pace from the traditional way of dating or just want to ease back into the game in a safe environment?

Maybe there’s no one in your social circle you would consider dating.

We do everything on the internet including watching TV, shopping, and sharing pics why not use it for dating.

Gone now are the days your dating single mother crew tries to play matchmaker and set you up on a blind date.

Online dating has taken a lot of the guesswork and what if’s out of dating. Believe it or not, it’s the number one thing people use the internet for.

Why I Gave Online Dating a Try and You Should too

I just was about to give up on the idea of dating all together until a co-worker introduced me to the idea of online dating. She overheard me talking about some bad dating situations.

At first I was skeptical and raised my eyebrows at the idea of dating online. I told her there’s no way I’m going find a companion on the internet.

She then shared let me in on a little secret: she met her husband through online dating. That sold me so I decided to try it.

Let’s face this is no Disney fairy tale. There’s no knight in shining armor waiting to come swoop me up. So I became proactive instead of always being reactive. Well let's get into the list or reasons. 

1. Privacy

As a freshly minted dating single mother privacy is important to me. I tend to be a private person (kind of hard to believe huh) that likes to be in control of who I reveal information about myself to.

Online dating sites recognize the need to protect the privacy of their subscribers.

I created an online profile and did not have to share my real name unless I wanted to.

You too can create a profile and wouldn’t have to share any personal information such as your real name.

Your identity can remain anonymous until you’re ready. You can view information about individuals before contacting them. Never will any of your personal information be disclosed.

2. Screening Process

As I shared with you earlier, I went on several “Hell” dates. On 90% of the dates, I found that I had nothing in common with the person. Meeting people online is different. You can be selective.

The screening process puts me in control. I was able to flip through profiles to screen who I was interested in, and pick out who I wanted to send a message to.

3. No boundaries

If you are anything like me, you do not frequent bars or clubs often. Living in a small city the numbers of people to meet is limited. Come on this is not cheers, and you might tire out of going to places where everyone knows your name.

Expand your horizons to find individuals outside of your social circle and city. Search for potential matches A larger market definitely means more choices.

4. Elimination 

It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding someone who shares similar interests and lifestyle choices. Online dating allows you to have more control of what you want.

Dating sites provide a search option for you to set criteria for people by age, location, physical attributes, occupation, religion, fitness, children, and the list goes on.

There are many successful niche sites that are strictly for a specific segment of people. Like vegans only, or maybe you want to date younger men. Cougar sites exist.

5. Communication

Most of the time when you’re going on a date it’s often based on a physical attraction. Then the guy opens up his mouth, bomber right? You can definitely find out if he can hold a conversation prior to meeting up.

  1. Qualities in potential partners
  2. Relationship status
  3. Political Views
  4. Hobbies
  5. Knowledge on current events
  6. Social life

If you see there’s no chemistry, or stimulate you mentally, you can cut him off faster than a light switch. On the flip side, you may like what the other person has to say and give him a fair chance.

To Dating Single Mothers-Number Seven is Important

Google is your friend. You come across the perfect profile. However, you want to know if you are being “Catfished.”

The popular show “Catfish” on MTV has brought to the forefront people being fake and even doing things for their own entertainment.

Why not google them? I should give a class on how to find out basic information about people using google.

Check them out and see does it match any of their information or images.

Digital Dating is Here to Stay

Whether it’s a dating single mother doing it online or Twitch TV, the digital age has definitely changed the way we communicate with others.

Stay in touch with old or new friends through Facebook, share your life through images on Instagram, or post 140 characters on Twitter, people are now more digitally in-tuned to communicate with others on the web.

A lot of single parents live a busy lifestyle. At times, going on a date can be time consuming, including the expense of trying to find a babysitter. Now you can eliminate all this by simply taking place from your cell phone, tablet, or PC.

Are you still skeptical about finding that special man from internet dating? 120,000 marriages were birthed from relationships that began from online dating.

With 1 of 5 relationships starting online, your potential soul mate may be only a click away. What are you waiting for?

As usual, don’t be scared to hit up the comments section and share your own online dating, success or not. I’ll keep you posted about my own online adventures.