Dating Advice for Single Parents - Can Iyanla Vanzant Views Help You?

I’ve thought long and hard about giving dating advice for single parents. I’ve had many experiences with the subject matter.

Instead of shelling out some of my own gems, I thought Iyanla Vansant has really conveyed everything I could write about.

So I watched a lot of videos and visited a lot of websites, then took what I thought were some of her best lessons.

I hope you enjoy this dating advice for Single parents and apply it when needed.

Don’t Chase the Wallet Chase the Heart

This is some of the best dating advice for single parents I've encountered. To all the women out there, that’s his stuff. To all men out there, stop playing.

Moreover, if you can reach the heart and touch it, then they'll want to open the wallet without you having to ask. Get the heart you got the wallet.

So don’t be impressed on the first couple of dates when they’re trying to show off all the accomplishments and how great they are. Men will rarely share once they’ve figured that they “got you”.

Women that do this technique usually want to feel superior to whomever they’re courting. So men do go for it either. Just break them down with caring and feelings everything else will fall in place. 

Don’t Take Dating out of Context

This is great dating advice for single parents. Every person you date doesn’t have to be your wife or husband.

I’m talking about what you tell your children. It’s perfectly okay for mom or dad to have friends.

Now when you decide to let them know about the friend you’re courting is on you.

Your kids do need to see you have healthy relationships with others. They will undoubtedly go through their own relationships good or bad.

However, hiding or lying about what you’re doing will hinder your child from growing. Yes, mom needs to get out the house to enjoy herself. You don’t have to feel guilty about this.

When their time comes, your child is going to go out on his own. Guess what? They will not be concerned with how mommy and daddy feel about it when it’s that time. In fact, they probably will be ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get from under your rule.

So why should you put your dating life on hold or hide it from them? Just doesn’t make sense.

Learn to be Vulnerable

Whew! This is a great one for all the fathers out there doing it alone. We see you. We respect it. However, if we make some comments doing the course of getting to know you, we’re not trying to down you. I know you were doing a great job before I met you I just want to help. That’s all.

To the independent women that have held down the house for years, I see you too. Iyanla summed it up nicely when she said, “I need a man”. It’s okay to be strong and self-sufficient but not to a point where you take on masculine traits. Life needs balance, that’s all I’m saying. Let him in.

When you see Crazy Coming Cross the Street

This one is self-explanatory. However, if you still didn’t recognize “crazy” and decided to date it, run as fast as you can. Crazy is not going to take long to reveal itself. You can’t fix it, change it, or tone it down.

These situations will never get better. It will only get worse and more pronounced. Your instincts are right follow your first mind. Trust me, I’ve been there and crazy can be exciting, but definitely not healthy. 

If You Don’t Have no Baggage You don’t Have no Pulse

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It that person doesn’t like you, the better off you’ll be. I like to date people that like the fact that I’m nerdy and kind of quirky. I like to talk about world events and science. If he doesn’t, but likes that about me, then great.

Where I’m at in my life, I like to think the quicker something’s not supposed to work out the better off we’ll both be. If me having two children is a deal-breaker then I want to know before the deal has to even be broken.

You are Your Own Soul Mate

I was so glad to hear her say this. The notion that there is someone out there that is supposed to match up with your soul makes it very hard to enjoy dating. Think about it…it’s so easy to dismiss someone based on this saying. Also, a soul mate doesn’t have to be your lover.

This person could already be in your life as a close friend. Bet you never thought about it like that. So I think the lesson is just to enjoy dating and not have a serious, judgmental mentality going in.

“I think relationships are the place we go to heal our most mistaken thoughts and beliefs about who we are, because not until you are willing to be intimate with someone can they be close enough to tell you the things you need to hear.”

Do you Have Some Dating Advice for Single Parents?

Hit the comment section section and tell us what lessons or stories from Iyanla you like the most. Or, just give us some dating advice for single parents based on your own experiences.

We know you got some crazy stories. Did you see crazy coming and fail to cross the street?  Don’t be afraid or too embarrassed to share. We have all been down that road before.