Why you Should Date a Single Parent-Or Not?   

single parent date

It's the great date debate, should you date single parents? Single parents date just like everybody else. Whether this is the right situation for you can depend on many reasons.

Your age will play an important role. It’s going to be tough to find someone pass the age of 27 without kids. This is just the truth. People that don’t have kids might be so career driven they simply might not have time to date.

Each situation is different but you should set some initial guidelines. Like how many children is a limit? Are you a person that needs a lot of time devoted to them? These are fair questions you should ask yourself before considering dating and single parents.

If you have never done it maybe dating someone with kids can be nice switch up to how you’ve normally done things. Here are some pro’s and con’s supporting both sides of the debate.

Date Single Parent - Pros

Single parents can be more mature regardless of the age factor. They have to make more important life decisions than a person without kids.

They can be reliable. They have to be there for the kids. They know what it means to be counted on.

People talk about being independent, but have kids and find out what that really means.

Dating single parents can be exciting. Simply because with children involved the norm is not to be expected.

If you’re a man and like attention, then dating single moms can ease that need. They know how to give attention and be nurturing. You can’t go overboard though because the kids still come first.

If you’re a woman and like the small things, then dating a single father can definitely be what you’re looking for. Imagine a dad and daughter, this little girl can teach him what it means to put yourself aside. There are other reasons to date single parents also.

Date Single Parent - Cons

single parent date

If you need a lot of time then you shouldn’t date someone with kids. As previously mentioned the kids come first.

They can be a bit irritating, especially if they haven’t dated in a minute. Yes, baby talk is annoying. They may need time to adjust to being with adults.

Having to win approval of the kids and not just the mom. Kids generally don’t like new people entering the lives of their parents. Just keep this in mind you have to win them over also.

You’ll find that dating and single parents can add a lot of pressure to your life sometimes. They might be at the point they’re ready for a serious commitment, you may not be.

At some point you might have to meet the other parent. They might not be a likable person.

The person you’re dating might not be over their relationship with the other parent. Or, the ex might bring drama into the current situation.

If things get serious the other parent might not want to handle their financial obligations to the children anymore. Jealousy can play a huge role in this.

If you haven't figured it out already, the biggest problem that can derail your plans to date a single parent is the other parent. 

Too Hot - Or Nah

These situations or too hot for you not to chime in that is. I know many of you are single parents. I know the numbers. It’s a lot of us. I would love to here all sides to the story.  Are you on this page because you are looking into dating a single parent?

Have you dated a single parent and would like to add to the convo? Or you are a single parent and think the dating cons are bull? Please, let us know, we’ll respond swiftly and appropriately. Well, maybe not appropriately!