7 Reasons Why Mature Men Love to Date Single Moms

Date Single MomsI See You Girl!

There’s a misconception out there. It’s that men don’t like to date single moms. This depends on the guy. Some men can handle it others aren’t strong enough.

At this point in my life I’ve accepted that it’s a rare occurrence for me to meet a single lady in my age group that doesn’t have kids.

Single moms date men like me all the time. I admit it’s hard because we can be jerks, but it just depends.

By the way, this is not Ty Oliver writing this piece. I’m one of her closet friends and we talk about this kind of the stuff all the time.

Just understand this is purely from a guy’s perspective that’s been there and done that.

I would like to share what I’ve learned from dating a single mother from time to time. These are the traits that attract me to women in this genre.

Wanna know why I Love to Date Single Moms?

1. Less Likely to Cheat- People cheat, that’s a part of life. I’ve figured that if not getting cheating on is something that’s important to me then I should date single moms.

They have less time and energy to pull these things off.Also, they’re probably at a point where they value stability more than having fun.

When women become mothers it happens, this can be seen as boring or becoming more mature.I think maturity is sexy, but that depends on the person.

2. Appreciative-Men like to feel appreciated. Especially from the person they’re into. I’m not saying if single moms date you, a guy can avoid the nagging and discontent that comes with relationships, but they will definitely be more thankful than a woman without kids.

Mothers love their children of course. If a person genuinely helps their kids, she’ll never forget it.

Besides, a mom has more than likely been with a couple of jerk offs at this point and will know a good thing when it comes. Like my granny would say, “it don’t take all day to recognize sunshine.” 

3. Been through it- I just love a woman that knows what it means to have really experienced life. It’s easy to “do you” when everything peachy. Find a woman whose life is defined by what they been through then as y’all say, “she’s a keeper.”

Listen ladies those magazines and books you been reading, great on paper, but that paper will get burned from a small amount of heat. I like to turn that heat up you, if you know what I mean.

Drawing on your own experiences and not living your life based on the life of others is a priceless trait.

4. Selfless- Parents have to make many sacrifices for their children. So to date single moms you'll understand what it really means to be selfless.

Contrary to popular opinion, people have their own best interests at the heart of any situation. I no longer look at this as being selfish, it’s totally natural.

However, having children can change how a person goes about getting their own way in a relationship.

They can see the bigger picture and be willing to compromise more, especially over the small stuff.

5. Nurturing- Remember that movie Troy. A woman tamed the most feared warrior in the land. Achilles wouldn’t even consider going to battle when he fell in love with one of the relatives of the king he was supposed to be against.

Men like to be nurtured. Have you ever considered why women use the term “baby” to refer to their special guy? Think about it. Even the toughest men amongst us revert back to baby status behind close doors in the arms of their beloved.

It would be hard for a woman without kids to understand this nurturing aspect that men love.

6. Independent- This doesn’t mean financially. I’m a strong personality. I crave solitude to recharge my batteries. Sometimes I just want to be left to myself. This is nothing personal. 

So a woman that has kids will probably not flip out if I can’t hang out or miss a phone call. This just depends on the person.

Some men like to be around their “current” all the time. Some men like to take their time in the beginning. I respect people that aren’t clingy.

Humans need space whether we’re aware of it or not. Give me time to miss you and that’ll add some flavor in the relationship.

7. Experienced- Yes in this case I’m saving the best for last. While I have nothing against a person that’s saving it for marriage, I’m just too grown for that.

I know my way around the bedroom and I expect the same thing from my partner. No judging, I promise!

I like women that are secure enough to be confident about their past and not shameful. My granny on dad’s side would hate to hear this from her grandson, but I don’t care.

I can assure you that every man I’ve heard speak or talked with about relations, virginity has never came up.

Besides, I’m a Scorpio I can rewrite the book! You know the book I’m talking about don’t you? Probably not……….you need to know which book though.

This is Just my side of the Date Single Moms Story

Looks like I’ve managed to get through this post without coming off as a complete lame. No conversation is complete without hearing it from the other side. Yes, I’ll date single moms.

Are there some ladies lurking that think I don’t have a clue? Would single moms date a guy that thinks like me?

I have pretty tough skin. I would love to reply too some single moms out there. Don’t be bashful.