How can You Get Business Grants for Single Mothers? I'll Tell You

Business Grants for Single Mothers

Business Grants for single mothers are not some mythical things.

You want to start a business and need all the help you can get right?

Or you have a business and still need all the help you can get right?

Trust me I know how you feel, this website by itself is no easy task…and yes it’s considered a business!

On top of this we’re trying to get our importing business off the ground.

A couple hundred bucks starting out with importing products from overseas can work miracles. 

Really it’s a big deal.

An example, $300 dollars could possibly give us the ability  to order 150 more units, which could net 2-3k potentially.

I get it. Every penny counts especially when starting out. Before we uncover the goodies I’ve painstakingly researched for you (because I love you) lets recap the steps you’ll need to take to get the help you need and help your business be a great success.

Oh, I almost forgot. There are other grants and goodies you can qualify for that don’t fall in the business grants for single mothers category. We’ll take a look at some of those as well.

Steps you Should do Now for a Strong Start

1. Know What Business you Plan to Start and Why.

Sounds simple I know, but this will help you more long term. If it’s something you’re passionate about you’ll be less likely to give up when it’s tough.

Personally, I set freedom goals. You know like never work again, retire to another country and buy a small island.

Your freedom goals are surely different, but envisioning what freedoms money can bring instead of just money will motivate you more.

2. Create an Awesome Business Plan

My business plan is not as “official” as the one you create should be. Importing and reselling doesn’t take a lot of capital starting out. I don’t necessarily need a grant. I prefer this business model because it allows for flexibility.

The business plan at the very least should detail start-up costs and other investment money needed to ensure it’s successful. The SBA can help you with this task.

3. Research Everything.

Research business grants for single mothers as much as you can. We got you covered with solid grants you might otherwise miss. Just scan down to get there.

4. Join Business Groups & Seek out Mentors.

Many successful people in business love to help out others. You probably been told different, but that’s just not the case. SBA, facebook groups, forums, are just some of these groups. The internet has made it so easy to connect with others.

5. Take action

I love this part. Many entrepreneurs get bogged down with the research & development phase. Don’t get paralyzed and take the first step. If it feels right, take another step. Might not happen as fast as you would like, but at least it’s happening!

5 Little-Known Business Grants for Single Mothers

Just keep in mind that mostly all grants work alike. You have to qualify and there are deadlines you have to meet. You won’t be the only person applying so take it serious, but not so serious it creates more stress.

Eileen Fisher Grants for Women Business Owners

The program seeks applicants from businesses that are founded on the principles of social consciousness, sustainability and innovation.

The grant amount is $125,000 to be awarded to no more than 10 applicants. Qualifications are stricter than most grants. Same reason I listed it first. 


  • Have a business plan and a strategy for long-term growth
  • Has 100 percent women-owned business
  • Must have three years of financials
  • Poised for the next phase of growth
  • Offers products that enhance the environment and/or the well-being of
 your community.

  • Operates as a traditional for-profit business or as a social enterprise (for-
profit/nonprofit hybrid).

Business Owners' Idea Cafe Small Business Grant 

This is a super chill website. It’s not all the strict, cookie-cutter corporate stuff you’ll encounter trying to get grants. I believe it’s a great organization to be affiliated with even if you don’t win the grant. 

Grant Dollars: The ultimate grant winner - the business with the most innovative business idea will receive a $1,000.00 check, heaps of free publicity and national recognition. Also each of the top three finalists will receive $500 in advertising credits.


  • Have a business that been in continuous operation for six months
  • Sign up as a member of the Idea Café, which is free. 

Huggies Mom-Inspired Grant Program

Business Grants for Single MothersHuggies Grant Winner Abraxas Pickens

The Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant Program accepts grant proposals for thoroughly considered product ideas and small businesses that nurture the relationship between mother and child.


  • 21 years of age or older and currently reside in the United States.
  • Applicants with business partners can submit grant proposals as long as those business partners meet the above criteria as well.  
  • Former grant recipients are eligible if they submit a separate product idea.
  • Former applicants are also eligible to re-submit a new application.

Fedex Small Business Grant

It’s easy to enter. Just share your story with Fedex and how you plan to move your business forward. The available grans for a given year are: One grand prize grant of $25,000 One grant of $10,000 Eight grants of $5,000


  • Any for-profit small business in good standing that has been in continuous operation for no less than six (6) months is eligible to enter the contest.
  • Non-Profits are not allowed to enter.

Miller Lite Tap the Future

This is an annual competition for minority business owners sponsored by Miller Lite. Designed to economically empower minority businesses, the program continues to invest in entrepreneurial dreams of minorities.

This is an interesting contest. I like the vibe the website is giving off. Check out the official rules here. It’s too much for me to fit. Oh yeah you can get up to $25,000.

Federal & State Business Grants for Single Mothers           

Most, if not all federal business grant for single mothers will not provide monies for individuals but target a group of people.

Minorities, women, and other special interest groups are what I mean about target groups. I’ll go into some of the gov’t organizations you can research further now.

However, you might be able to pinch some money out of you local state budgets. So let’s explore some of the different agencies and what they offer.

Minority Business Development Agency

While most of the grants and competitions are closed right now you can still get valuable services from this organization.

Help writing a business plan and a resource locater for your area, are some of just some of the services they provide. 

U.S. Economic Development Administration

They have grant opportunities that can be applied for right now, well as of me writing this text this moment. They also have tools for business owners also. I like the feel of this website over most of the government sites I come across. Definitely check it out.

SBA Women’s Business Centers

While you’re unlikely to find a direct link to business grants for single mothers, these centers can point you in the right direction.

Women's Business Centers (WBCs) are a national network of nearly 100 educational centers throughout the United States and its territories. They assist women in starting and growing small businesses.

WBCs seek to "level the playing field" for women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the business world.

Are you Wasting Your Valuable Time and Resources?

I’ll be honest, grants is a moneymaking topic for many people. Everyone wants a piece of the grant pie. Those searching for grants and those “helping” people search for grants.

You have to be aware of what not to get into. This is just my two cents and it might not be worth that much.

  1. Books-There might be some great books out there, but I wouldn’t buy any. The info is most likely a rehash and the internet has enough to make your head spin.
  2. Websites-Be careful out here. There are many sites just looking to make a quick buck. Some are legit others are not.
  3. Grant Writers-If you have the funds why not. It can save you time. As a business owner time is important. I never have enough. As we stress on this site…do the research.

Business Grants for Single Mothers Fraud

Remember when I said it’s money on the table with the business grant for single mother area. Well single moms have to be on the lookout for scams. So here are some tips to avoid scams.

Make sure you know whom you’re doing business with before giving information. 

  • You should never feel pressured to do anything.
  • Ask a lot of questions and get the answers.
  • Never pay anybody with western union (super important)

Obtaining business grants for single mothers is a doable thing. You just have to do it. Can’t tell you it’ll be easy or fun. I just know if a person really wants something, they usually get it. I mean really, really want it.

Might not happen for you when you think it should, but when does it go like that? Good luck on your business journey and don’t forget it’s a ride.

An arduous, beautiful ride filled with surprises and challenges. I know you’ll rise to meet.