Has Finding Single Mom Grants and Scholarships Been a Challenge for You?

Single Mom Grants

Finding single mom grants can be an intimidating process. You have to put in some work before knowing you'll get the money most of the time. You have to find the grant, then see if you qualify, fill out the paperwork, and finally wait to hear a response. 

Now don't get me wrong, I know with some grants you'll know if you're going to get the money right off the bat, like the pell grant.

However, I at least want to save you time and extra work by compiling all the single mom grants I could find into one spot on the web.

So congratulations! You've reached that spot and this is something to feel good about.

Oh, there's also an awesome list of single mom scholarships. We should start with that one first. I'm excited, hope you are too. 

Epic List of College Scholarships for Single Mothers

Single mom grants and scholarships are often looked upon as the same thing, but they're not. So if you're researching the two as the same thing sometimes it's confusing. 

Many websites out there will have single mom grants in the title but have a list of grants and scholarships.

If you're going back to school, great. Not so great if you're looking for business grants. 

So just because you're YOU, I've put all the single parent college scholarships I could find into one page. Not to be confused with education grants, which is up next. 

Education Grants for Single Mothers

Now mostly everyone has at least heard of the Pell Grant. However, there are many more not so well-known grants out there to apply for. 

There are surprisingly some single mom grants that are easier to apply for than the Pell grant. Once again, we've uncovered the goodies to make your educational journey easier and affordable as possible.

Stop searching and scanning through the same tired ole articles and get the education grants that you qualify for and deserve. Go ahead, click and get schooled, pun intended. 

Somebody has been through what you've been through. Somebody knows of the challenges you face trying to successfully complete school and they cared enough to provide grants just for people like you. Most likely because they were you at some point. 

Little-Known Business Grants for Single Mothers

Are you starting a business? Have you been actively seeking out funds for your business? Well hopefully this article can be of service to you. It will be, trust me. 

It's hard to find single mom grants that specifically cater to single mothers starting and running their own businesses. 

They're out there, one just has to look. Through support structures and resources, the government has done a great deal of work to lead the charge for women in general to have successful businesses.

However, they're not the only ones. Many single parents have went on to start their own businesses and are absolutely killing it. They recognize the unique challenges of doing this and mainly just want to give back. Take advantage of these opportunities.

What are you waiting for? This is a super article to read for business grants for single mothers. 

Are There Free Grants for Single Mothers? 

Yes is the most obvious answer. However, what's not so obvious is that all grants are free. Sounds stupid doesn't it? What you have to understand is this.

There's a thriving market based around single mom grants that some will have you believe spending money on products to give you a "leg up" on other applicants is the best way to obtain free single mom grants. 

While you might find it to be a wise decision to purchase a book about government grants, you don't need to. You never have to purchase anything concerning grants.

Some reading are in the know already because they've purchased some book that is sitting in a dark corner collecting spider webs this very moment. 

So we explore what works and doesn't work and why ALL single mom grants are free. Now, I would suggest hiring a grant writer if you're going for one of those big federal government grants that do something in the community. No harm in that. 

Single Mom Grants Aren't Elusive

Let's bring it home, shall we? Contrary to popular opinion, obtaining single mom grants is not necessarily hard. I'm sure you've heard one of our favorite slogans. 

"You gotta give 'em that work yo". For those that didn't get that; if you keep making deposits, you'll have something to withdraw when the time comes. 

So deposit your time and seek out this grant money. It's not going to be easy, I'll admit that much. However, you have a better chance than most because the hard part is mostly done. 

Of course the hard part is finding the grants in the first place. Now, I'm not going to say this is the end all-be all section for single mom grants, but I definitely "put that work in" on this part of the website.

You shouldn't let this be the last place you do your research. I do think this is a great first place to start the process though. 

If you know of some single mom grants we've missed pay if forward by mentioning those in the comment section. We have no problem adding. 

Either way, stay awesome, do something epic, and give 'em that work!