For Single Parents the Time Is Now

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Any of you single parents? Great, I am too! But here’s the problem. I’m tired of the social stigmas and unbalanced coverage that we receive.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all of the talk. Our taxes shouldn’t go the help people that are gaming the system.

They’ll be better off if they just marry someone, anyone for that matter. Or, don’t date them because they have too much baggage.

The Truth About Single Parents

  1. Started out in committed relationships
  2. We like to work and don't like handouts
  3. We raise productive offspring
  4. We're not looking for replacement parents
  5. Our numbers are rising 
  6. We don't really care what you think

Hi. I'm Ty Oliver and thank you for visiting. I've been through many phases of raising my kids alone. It can be a challenge to say the least.

I've pooled together resources & info for any parent that needs it. This includes my experiences & also advice from others with knowledge in their chosen field. 


Co-founder of

What's in it For You

Going through this situation has afforded me the opportunity to meet and befriend a diverse group of people that add value to my life.

Now I want to share this with you! Some topics I will engage include:

  • Single Fathers
  • Help/Assistance for Single Moms
  • Dating Single Parents
  • Careers and Self Employment
  • And Much More

Let's be honest, this can be a difficult journey, especially for newly minted  parents. I get asked some of the same questions many times.

When's a good time to let the person I'm dating meet the kids? Can I really earn some extra cash without getting a second job? If so, how?

Do these questions ring a bell? I've been through it, now we can and will go through it together. 

Limited Living Sucks

Make no mistake, this website is about freedom just as much as it is about helping anybody that's willing to be helped. I'm tired of limited living. You should be too. 

So you should tune in for the weekly online interviews of successful people that progressed from a situation that's similar to yours or a little more dire. 

You should definitely pay attention to how this website will grow because this is my first go round with anything related to online website building. 

It's important because it's really about you. I've made the decision to not make excuses. I've made the decision to not feel sorry for myself or my circumstances any longer.

The most important step in any journey is to simply try and just take that first step. So what about you?

Are you going to make the tough decisions are keep making excuses? I just want you to take the first step with me. That's not too much to ask is it?

Remember, for single parents the time is now!

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